My Programs

When hear the word "diet,” we automatically think about cutting out carbs, giving up sugar, or restricting our food intake in order to lose weight. But what does the line between diet and diet culture lay?


In the curriculum of this 8-week nutrition program, we’ll be delving into the core idea of moderation, not deprivation. This course is not about what to eat and what to avoid, namely because diet is a far too integral aspect of our lives to be so black & white. Food is more than just sustenance. It has the power to comfort, nurture, provide energy, and bring people together. Developing a healthy relationship with food will help you feel satisfied, energized, and confident in your body. This program will explore how to identify what an intuitive relationship with food looks like for each individual person so that you can develop the most conducive one for yourself!


Looking to switch it up from your same old workout routine?


In this program, I’ll be providing you with 8-weeks’ worth of new & improved ways to stay in shape, all which can be done at your own pace and in under 45 minutes.  This program combines yoga, cardio, and zero equipment body weight resistance training exercises to help you rediscover strength and mobility from head-to-toe! These 8 weeks of transformative exercises will take your fitness level to the next level while teaching you how to be creative when it comes to building a stronger body.