Train to Transform (Intermediate)

Getting fit is made easy using bodyweight exercisies.

This 8-week program will enable you to achieve optimal health and create balance in the body by incorporating endurance, strength and flexibility exercises.


What's Included: 

- An 8-week workout program that includes yoga sessions, core training, high intensity and low intensity workouts. 

- 6 days of workouts broken down into 3 strength training sessions, 2 days of low intensity steady state cardio and 1 day of yoga.

- Daily workouts can be completed in under 45 minutes per day. This includes 5 minutes  to warm-up, approximately 30 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes to cool down.

- A printable weekly training schedule in PDF format with photos of all exercises

-  Nutrition tips to get the most out of this program.

- Access to the Wix app so you can use a mobile device to view exercises and watch the yoga and cooldown videos.



What You'll Need: 

- Your body and space to move.

- An elevated surface (stairs will work just fine).


*Remember to download the PDF right after purchase as it will expire.

Train to Transform (Intermediate)





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