Sum Sanos™ Habit Based Weight Management

Sum Sanos™ is a 12 module weight loss and life transformation program based on the most recent scientific evidence on habit-based intervention underpinned by sound psychological based principles.  Throughout this program you will learn how to set attainable goals and the fundamentals of creating habits to successfully achieve your goals. 

Program Outline:

  • 12 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Weekly accountability calls 



  • 12 module study guide and workbook
  • Access to Sum Sanos™ private Facebook community


Payment Details

  • Registration fee $425
  • Monthly Installments $200

Sum Sanos™ Habit Based Weight Management

  • Sum Sanos™ means "I am healthy". Sum Sanos™ is an integration of two major elements:

    • The latest habit based methodologies – and first of its kind – backed by rigorous scientific research and evidence, and
    • The key elements of a highly successful global coaching program built on sound psychological principles.



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