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Meet Josie

Josie is a fitness and finance guru, using her expertise in the two fields to help others live healthier, more goal-oriented lifestyles. Josie has been an active member of the fitness industry for over 15 years as a Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher while also sustaining a successful career in finance as a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Josie blends her passions for fitness and finance by educating and empowering others to create healthy habits to optimize their physical and financial health.

As the founder of Hope Coaching, Josie inspires others to achieve their health goals. As the co-owner of LJ Business Solutions Josie helps entrepreneurs reach their financial goals.

Josie’s motto: Investing in your health provides infinite returns.

My Philosophy

I wholeheartedly believe proper nutrition, daily movement, and self-care are the foundational trifecta of achieving optimal health and well-being. My one-of-a-kind holistic approach to manifesting a healthier lifestyle underscores fueling your body with nutritious & high vibrational foods, utilizing exercise as a source of energy & an outlet for pent up negative emotions, and taking care of your mind with intention.

My Programs

Integrative Nutrition Coaching

Do you have a hard time following your diet plan? Do you often find yourself eating out of stress or boredom, only to feel guilty later on? Have you ever felt like your relationship with food is unhealthy? Are you looking to embrace a leaner & cleaner diet that will leave you feeling satiated and energized, but without having to bid farewell to your favorite foods forever? In my 8-week nutrition program, we’ll discuss how to nurture a mindful relationship with food as an essential tool for improved health, emotional stability, and a balanced diet.

Integrative Nutrition Coaching

Workout From Home Fitness Program

Ready to boost your endorphins, reduce stress, build full-body strength, & radiate with that post-workout glow all without having to set one foot outside your home? If you're like me and sometimes don't have the time to go to a gym or workout studio, but still want to get your heart rate up and sweat it out a little, at-home workouts are the way to go! Want to learn some of my personal favorite routines? Try my 8-week fitness program!

Workout From Home Fitness Program
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What My Clients Say


This program was a great way to educate myself on what I was actually eating. It helped me consciously make healthier choices. It was great to see how the information I learned from this program became part of my daily life.

An added bonus was that I dropped a dress size just by becoming aware of what I consume.

You get what you put into this program. The more disciplined you are with yourself the better the results will be!


Working with Josie guided me back to wanting to follow a healthier lifestyle again. I’ve struggled with weight gain/loss most of my life.
Josie works at your own pace and is very knowledgeable about fitness and health goals. She keeps you accountable with weekly phone meetings which are truly like a therapy session in figuring out why we have the habits that we do. This program is catered to our  individual needs and I’m very grateful to have started the program with her. It’ll be a long road ahead but I’m confident with her constant positivity and guidance I’ll be continually following a healthier lifestyle .


I have struggled with my weight since I was a teen. I have tried every diet under the sun. I lost weight and then when I finished with the diet, I put it back on (and then some).

Working with Josie has helped me create good eating habits. Just by changing what I ate, I lost 2 inches from my waist. The weight-loss gave me the confidence to start exercising.


I have more energy and feel better than I ever have.

"The greatest wealth is health."